The Forrest Project

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Vision & Mission

Arthur Forrest [1716-1770]

Captain Arthur Forrest RN of His Majesty’s ship ‘Augusta

Et Virent in Undis

[and they flourish o’er the waves]

Lieutenant Haughton Forrest

No.7 Company, The Honourable Artillery Company of London

Who we are

Contributors to The Forrest Project consist of partnersresearchers and associates. Two of the partners in Jamaica are listed as directors (one as company secretary) for the purpose of registering the corporate entity.

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What we do

The Forrest Project as a non-profit membership organization encourages writers, musicians and researchers to publish their work. We also seek researchers to use our website as a means of communicating the results of research, which may concern socially and economically important innovations.

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Our History

The Forrest Project arose from an Internet investigation of the genealogy of Admiral Arthur Forrest in the 18th century and his great-grandson, the artist Haughton Forrest. The study was commenced in the early 1960s by Peter Forrest,

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What is The Forrest Project?

The Forrest Project is a non profit membership organization whose members are writers, teachers, musicians, historical researchers, genealogists and others. Their work may benefit from publication and communication to the widest possible audience

Aim & Purpose

An aim of this website is to represent, grow and inspire. It is intended to afford an effective and robust philanthropic medium for the benefit of communities, regardless of language or whether in developing or economically advanced countries.

We encourage you to use this website as a launching pad into the community of philanthropy, making use of it as both a resource and networking tool. The Forrest Project encourages you to develop a business based upon your own work, with the ability to market it with minimal risk of pirates stealing and selling the intellectual property you have created.