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The Forrest Project as a non-profit membership organization encourages writers, musicians and researchers to publish their work. We also seek researchers to use our website as a means of communicating the results of research, which may concern socially and economically important innovations.

Until the appearance of the Internet the possibility of publishing was minimal. In order to have work published a creator would have to interest a company to spend money on producing and distributing the work through a large chain of wholesalers and retail outlets. The risk for such a company was that their investment may not be successful if there were not enough sales. This restricted interest in publishing to those works which might be purchased by large numbers of buyers. As well, the author who devoted countless hours of specialist skill in creating a work, would be paid the minimum possible percentage (often less than 10 percent), because there was a need to satisfy the demand for profit by investors of the publishing company.

The Forrest Project utilizes the advantages afforded by the Internet in reaching out to perhaps four billion people in the worldwide market, across economic and language barriers. We want you the creator of intellectual work to be able with assistance, to put your work into an acceptable form and sell direct to a purchaser from the Internet. An acceptable form concerns language and a price that is within the reach of clients in developing countries.

Most importantly, we have structured this service so that the creator can receive the greater share of the retail price paid, around 80 percent. There is also research for which we would like to remove barriers that prevent the benefits from reaching communities.

For the researcher working in a socially and economically important area, we assist you to communicate the results of your work for the benefit of communities. We are well aware that important work is sometimes undertaken which leads to findings that run counter to the mainstream of belief. This is particularly the case in education, where numerous teachers have succumbed to doing things the way they have for the past 30 years. Valuable research has recently been done which shows that it is possible to transform the vast majority of children, so that they can perform at higher level at school and thereby, consider careers which their parents would not have considered possible.

The Forrest Project does not make grants of any kind, nor do we act on behalf of any specific individual or organization. We do however assist your work to reach those who may benefit most from it.

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