Petition for Politicians to End the Culling of Students


The Forrest Project is not a political activist organization. We have however been requested to make our website available as a notice board. Families in different states/provinces of various countries have expressed a wish to be able to petition politicians, to eradicate certain practices which may result in an end to the culling of students.

Upon reading Enhancement of Student Performance parents and family members have requested a desire to register a need for changes to be made to the practices of some teachers.

You will notice that the petition has been structured so that both country and state/province are shown. When you register you are requested to provide only your name, email address, country and state/province. This information will not become publicly available and only appear in a regular communication to the relevant politician in your region.
The Forrest Project will ensure however, that the number of petitions citing each country and state/province are registered on the tally board below.


Please note that your security is our primary concern – the information that you provide will not be used for any other purpose other than that intended.


The Petition:

Attention: The relevant politician ultimately responsible for the employment of teachers in schools of my region

I would respectfully ask that you require teachers to:

  • Participate in teacher development seminars in order to understand the role of a teacher
    as a facilitator (rather than an activator) and to become fully competent in
    student-centered learning (rather than teacher-centered learning)
  • Teach students how to study and keep each on the study path throughout a year
  • Provide one-on-one tutorial assistance as requested by a student
  • Conduct an end-of-year examination, the results of which will be verified by reference
    to coursework tests during the year, to arrive at an assessment of each student’s standard
    of academic performance achieved within the final two months of the year-long course
  • Undertake their responsibilities without calling for any further teacher assistance